Collect, Transform, Activate

Collect, analyze, and activate consumer data via AI intelligence to enhance customer experiences and deliver exponential results for your enterprise.

  • One Data Platform For Everyone
  • 2X
    Lead Generation
  • 3X
    Site Conversions
  • 30%
    Decreased Acquisition Cost

Discover and Nurture Your Consumers

Now is the time to optimize your data management, analysis, and activation processes, all with the goal of maximizing ROI and facilitating the creation of seamless multi-channel experiences while simplifying data measurement.

Data Management

Imagine the convenience of maintaining customer data from every source in one place through AI intelligence for creating individualized experiences throughout the customer cycle.

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Analytics Engine

Turn your first-party customer data into a personalized model-ready data set for clear messaging and branding at scale.

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Deliver value to your customers by syncing insights with your business tools and maximizing your media for high customer acquisition and impact.

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Unlock Your Business Growth

Identify and orchestrate connected consumer experiences with WOZ's Activation Lifecycle to deliver hyper-personalized messaging and memorable experiences for:

  • Customer Acquisition

    Capture relevant information of your consumer through our CDP to convert leads with 100% data accuracy and reliability.

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  • Customer Growth

    Nurture your customers to high-value leads by utilizing the website and purchase behavior stored in your CDP.

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  • Customer Retention

    Deliver customer delight and upscale loyalty with ML interactions and predictive AI.

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  • Multi-Channel Marketing

    Expand your reach to boost engagement by activating WOZ's digital media mix.

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Zero Coding, Just Results!

WOZ CDP provides an expansive selection of 100+ MarTech and AdTech integrations, strategically positioning data at the core of every decision-making process for better campaign performance.

Your Data, Your Way

We give you full control of your data with the safety and security ensured by WOZ CDP

  • We provide you with data authority and flexibility for use at all times.

  • We help map out customer journeys on your data with 100% brand safety.

  • We are an AI-driven marketing cloud, built for marketers with less human intervention.

Questions? We Are All Ears

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